Lhasa Apso Dog Allergies


Lhasa Apso Dog Allergies,


According to the internet, Lhasa’s are expected to live potentially in to their early 20s. Rusty is 15 and Evie is about 6/7. They both have really bad eyes. Rusty is blind in one eye and has a partial cataract in the other. It doesn’t stop him, he still gets about. He also has arthritis and ‘dog dimentia’ and according to the vet he is still in great shape for a dog of his age. He gets regular medication for his conditions. Evie has just started losing her sight. Again, it doesn’t stop her, apparently this is a characteristic of this kind of dog; they ‘endure’ it well and they have some protective hair over their eyes to help prevent this – they also have strong eyelashes (which are really long!) to push the protective hair out of their eyes. Sometimes on both Rusty and Evie their eyes get filled up with gunge and they have to be thoroughly cleaned.

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